Hypothermia Shelter Program Volunteers

Emmanuel will support the FACETS-managed Hypothermia Prevention Program again this year which runs from December 1 through April 1 and provides shelter and services from those experiencing homelessness. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this ministry will look a bit different this year, but ever more important!

FACETS and The Lamb Center are working together to provide shelter, showers and laundry services. While four singles shelters located throughout Fairfax County will be available rather than housing at individual churches each week. Emmanuel will support the shelter located near Tysons Corner, managed by Michael Dykes from FACETS. The shelter will be open 24/7 so there will be many new challenges this year. To protect the safety of the guests and staff, there will be no on-site volunteer support at the shelters.

However, there are many ways we will continue to support this ministry from January 10 – January 17!

We will provide evening meals but we will not be serving the meals. We will provide pre-packaged dinners for 58 guests and 5 staff members. We are teamed up with King of Kings Lutheran who will provide breakfasts and lunches this same week. Several groups/families have already committed to funding, preparing and boxing the meals—Thank you!

We intend to fund daily snacks for 63 people from our Hypothermia spend plan funds. We will also provide home-made goodies (2/bag) and we’ll need LOTS of them!

We also hope to provide virtual Bible study each night and perhaps some musical entertainment.

On-call shoppers will be needed to make a run to the store to meet any client-specific needs identified by FACETS case workers onsite.

We will also need drivers to transport the packaged meals to the shelter each evening.

You can help out with any of these tasks by signing up at: https://bit.ly/2021HypoWeek

You can also give to support Emmanuel’s involvement in this ministry by visiting www.elcvienna.org/give, click on make a donation button and choose “Community Outreach” in the fund drop down.

Contact Jane Holtorf at rcholtorf@yahoo.com with any questions you may have.