Here's what our parents and former students have to say about ELC Preschool

We looked at several preschools when trying to decide where to send our boy/girl twins. As a former teacher, I was really hoping to have a play-based preschool that was more focused on children learning how to be students, how to socialize, and how to be more independent than a school focused on numbers and letters. Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool was the best option for our family. Now that the twins have spent two years there, we are thrilled for our third child to also attend this Fall. ELP provides a safe and loving environment. Teachers listen to concerns you may have and schedule time to meet with you when needed. My children have flourished while at preschool. All of the staff and teachers are welcoming and caring. We are very happy with our choice!”

Kerry Mai, Mother of twins at ELP

To the teachers and staff of Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool,

I just want to send you one more thank you from our family for everything you did to make our time with you so wonderful! As I sit here and reflect before my youngest heads off to kindergarten, my heart is warm as I remember our time at Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool. It has been our early education home for almost six years and we couldn't be more pleased. It really did feel like home. You can tell that the teachers truly love what they do.

Our boys, James and Thomas loved their time there and couldn't wait to tell us the details of their day as we drove home each day. Often the art projects were pulled out before we even got to the car and we loved hearing about the process of how each one was created. We treasured those conversations. Through the years, not one single negative thought or comment was made from our boys regarding school and they looked forward to each new day. The teachers and staff created such a loving, positive environment and we always felt the boys were in good hands when they were at school. Everyone was very helpful, responsive and attentive to any needs or questions. We also felt the staff was very thoughtful and proactive. For example, when I missed a sign up for an afterschool program, you were quick to think of us and reach out to make sure we didn't miss the opportunity to sign up before the next session began.

We also appreciate that you were interested in receiving feedback often to learn ways in which to improve or ways to better serve the needs of the preschool families. In addition to fostering independence and preparing the kiddos for kindergarten (among other things), in recent years, a variety of after school programs were offered to extend the day a bit. We participated in many of them, including sports, cooking and art programs. Thomas enjoyed each of them very much. It is a great way to expose the little ones to a variety of activities in an already familiar, comfortable environment. We would recommend this preschool to anyone! We absolutely loved our time there. It is time for our family to move on, but we will always look back at our time at ELP with a smile.

The Bacher Family - 2018 -

It was very important for me as a mother to find a nurturing and safe environment that would foster a love for school and learning. My kids LOVE going to school, and it's thanks to the caring and dedicated staff at Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool.

-Danielle Larkins, parent of current students

Each and every childhood experience counts, whether it be life changing or minor. For myself, going to Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool was life changing. I started ELP in 2006. Being new to America and the language, I was lost in my own world. But after starting ELP, my teachers gave me the bearings and foundation for the rest of my life. Knowledge enriches our perceptions and understanding of simple pleasures. I feel that ELP supports this idea. It is a portal to give the child and the family a multitude of possibilities. My experience at ELP gave me confidence and literary advantages that I did not have before. Ever since ELP, I have been pursuing the love of writing and math. Although my experience at ELP was over many years ago, I still enjoy seeing my 5 year old brother grow and blossom. He has been enjoying and learning with his ELP teachers. Listening to him come home every day and telling me about what he did in school is very enjoyable. He is now ready for the big step from Preschool to Kindergarten. Every child is full of potential, it just needs to be brought out, and ELP can help your child reach his/her full potential.

-Siva K., former student

I've had two children spend three years at Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool. All of the teachers have been excellent, the administrators are very friendly and supportive, and the specials (Creative Movement is a favorite) are great! What particularly drew me to ELP is a warm and homey "vibe" that I felt as early as the day we came for a tour and the program director took my daughter's hand. Both of my kids have really learned a lot, especially interacting with other kids, and I think Emmanuel Lutheran does a great job of preparing kids for kindergarten, particularly from a social standpoint. I am so happy we chose Emmanuel Lutheran over other local preschools we looked at.

Sarah Lundquist (parent of two children who went to Emmanuel, her last one is headed to Kindergarten this fall. 2011)

Thank you for teaching me Chapel. Thank you for teaching me chapel manners. At our church, I will remember those chapel manners and the words that you say. I think you are good and fair. Love, Chloe And her parents accompanying note

-Child's note to the Preschool Director

Judging from my Chloe's note, you made quite an impression on her-as you did to me! Thank you for creating such a warm, child-centered, family friendly preschool environment. Chloe felt safe and loved at ELP and because of that, she has grown so much in so many ways. Thank you for your good works on behalf of the young lives you touch.

With gratitude, Mia and Chris French family

Our preschool is an outreach of Emmanuel Lutheran Church and offer a developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum. Please come visit us and see what we have to offer