Faith Formation

At Emmanuel, we strive to provide everyone with the opportunity to ask questions, grapple with doubts, deepen their faith, and grow in community with each other. All are welcome and called to participate in Faith Formation Hour and Adult Forums between services from 9:45-10:45 AM.

Upcoming Adult Forums

  • January 5 – Hypothermia Prevention Week Volunteer Training
  • January 12 – Music
  • January 19 – Music
  • January 26 – Music
  • February 2 – Reconciling in Christ
  • February 9 – Reconciling in Christ
  • February 16 – ELC Council Presentation
  • February 23 – No Faith Formation/Forums

Milestones Ministry

This ministry encourages parents and children to spend time together growing in faith on Sunday mornings during the Faith formation hour which is 9:45-10:45 AM.

Three and Four-year Old’s– Prayer and devotions is the focus of this one Sunday workshop. There is a take home bag for everyone.

Kindergarten and First Grade-Baptismal Remembrance in January. Parents and children celebrate their Baptism, share items from this special day, and do activities together focused on Baptism.

Second Grade – Welcome to the Lord’s Table. Holy Communion instruction for parents and their child is every Sunday in February. This is Pastor led.

Third Grade– Each child receives a Bible this year. Parents are invited to attend 5-6 weeks of “Used Bible” class where they learn all about the Bible through activities. There is a Bible blessing on Reformation Sunday.

Fourth Grade– Parents and their child look at the Ten Commandments in this 4-week interactive workshop.

Fifth Grade- Four weeks focused on the Apostles Creed. A statement of belief.

Sixth GradeMiddle School– Parents are invited to join in the Confirmation classes with their teen every week in the fellowship hall.

High School- Blessing of drivers and graduates during worship.

Cross Generational– Backpack blessings prior to the beginning of school.