Every Life Connects at Emmanuel 

The Bible describes the Church as the Household of God. To be a member of that household is to belong to a family, be committed to the welfare of that family, and be ready to work together as a family. We are “born” into the Church through the sacrament of baptism…brought together and given to one another by the same God who gives us life!

At Emmanuel, we believe it more important to consider what it means to be a disciple of Jesus (that is, one open to learning from Jesus and committed to following Jesus) than to be a member of any congregation. When we know how to love and follow our Lord, we can’t help but love and encourage one another! At our 50th Anniversary in the spring of 2006, the Emmanuel congregation signed a Discipleship Covenant, detailing what our life in Christ can be.

In that spirit of living as Christ, we have high expectations of what it means to be a disciple.  Our “High Five” are:

  1. Pray Daily
  2. Worship
  3. Give generously; strive to tithe and beyond
  4. Participate in a small group
  5. Serve both within and outside of Emmanuel

We are grateful for the people who commit to living out this covenant as the members of Emmanuel. Together, we prayerfully determine what God is calling us to do as Christ’s Body in this time and place and give of ourselves to fulfill that mission. We also pray (send prayer requests to, play, laugh, and weep together, as any family would.

To give you an insider’s view of how we commune as a family, review our publications page and check us out on Facebook.

We invite you also to speak with a pastor about your interest or questions. If you are not baptized, you will be mentored in the faith until that time when you are ready to join Christ’s Church through the sacrament of baptism.