Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool has been serving our community for 55+ years.

We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We accept children beginning at 2-1/2 through 5 years old (Pre-K). We strive to work with parents to create a Christian environment where we meet the emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs of each child.

We offer a developmentally appropriate program, providing rich, hands-on experiences that allow each child to become successful learners.

Our goal for each student is to instill a love of God, love of learning, and love of self and others.

What Our Program Offers:

  • Small classes
  • Experienced teachers
  • Staff certified in CPR and First Aid
  • A developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • A stimulating classroom environment
  • Socialization
  • Kindergarten readiness
  • Christian education and Chapel
  • Art
  • Music
  • Creative movement
  • Lunch programs
  • Science
  • Special events
  • Field trips for 4-year olds

About Developmental Learning

Play is vital to growing children and a major portion of time will be devoted to activity and learning centers (art, dramatic play, reading, math, manipulatives, science, music, etc.) that permit and encourage experimentation and exploration. Our program includes activities which include active and quiet child-selected and teacher-directed activities.

To understand more about our developmental learning philosophy you can click on this link, Let them Play, to read a CNN Opinion article on the subject.

Class Size Policy

  • 2’s classes - up to 12 students w/three adults – a teacher, assistant, and aide.
  • 3’s classes - up to 12 students w/two adults – a teacher and an assistant.
  • 4’s classes - up to 12 students w/two adults – a teacher and an assistant.
  • Or - up to 18 students (much larger room) w/up to three adults, a teacher, assistant, and floating staff member.
  • Our staff floater is available to all classrooms throughout the day as needed.

The Typical Daily Schedule

  • 9:00am Arrival and Free Play
  • 9:35am Clean Up/Put Away/Bathroom Time
  • 9:45am Specials – Music/Creative Movement (once a week)
  • 10:05am Morning Meeting/Circle Time/Helpers Hello Song, Pledge of Allegiance, Calendar, Weather
  • 10:20am Snack
  • 10:40am Playground
  • 11:10am Story Time/Science
  • 11:25am Table Activities/Manipulatives/Puzzles
  • 11:30am Chapel (Wednesdays)
  • 11:50am Closing Circle
  • 12:00pm Dismissal

Who is eligible to attend?

Emmanuel Lutheran preschool welcomes students from all racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We work to cultivate the individuality of each child and to encourage independence and creativity. We believe that every child is a unique child of God made by him in love. At the same time, we are teaching students to cooperate with one another and to respect and help others. We believe our program enables our students to meet challenges with confidence and success.