Relationships are Growing Through Small Groups!

One thing all relationships have in common are commitments. Commitments are shared expectations. They are built on empathy, trust, and love. They form the basis for us to learn from and challenge each other, to make us better humans, better Christians. They may be written, verbal, or self-understood. The only requirement is that all sides in a relationship understand the conditions of the commitment and strive to fulfill it.  Commitments also encompass forgiveness, compassion, and understanding. All relationships begin with commitments and are maintained by commitments.

Soon, you will receive a commitment package for your planned offerings in 2022.  We ask you to think and pray about why you give to Emmanuel.  Consider your commitment to be about your relationships with God, Christ, family members, partners, fellow Christians, friends, neighbors, and communities. We encourage you to make a commitment to growing your relationships, beginning with Christ.

For more information about the Relationships Grow Here campaign or to make your commitment now, please visit