A Collaboration in Caring for God’s Creation

Nearly 100 volunteers of all ages navigated the little league and birthday party crowds to spend their Saturday morning at Glyndon Park on September 11th painting, picking up trash and sticks, and stacking branches for the town woodchipper. In a joint effort between Emmanuel, Vienna Presbyterian, the town of Vienna, and various scout troops, we spent two hours of hard work on our first ever Vienna Earth Care Day (transferred from spring to fall due to the pandemic). 

Wearing our ELC shirts, Christian and some of our youth expertly painted the outside of the restrooms and picnic tables (with only one of our own accidently sitting on an already painted table). Bill Larson and others headed up the effort to clean up invasive trees, and eventually had to give the woodchipper a rest to keep it from overheating. The mayor of Vienna arrived to help, and plenty of people wandered by to find out what we were up to. Emmanuel members were some of the very last to leave. 

If you missed out on this opportunity, stay tuned this coming spring, when Vienna Earth Care Day will happen again, with more locations and more opportunities to care for our planet, all while wearing our extremely fashionable Emmanuel shirts!