Relationships Grow Through Personal Invitations

Steve Montgomery and his wife Jeanine have been members at Emmanuel for 30 years. They have been involved in all sorts of ministries over the years as their kids have grown up, yet it all started with one simple invitation to get involved from a fellow member.

Our goals for the 2022 Stewardship campaign are to:

  1. Increase congregational giving in 2022 by $5,200/week
  2. Receive 35 more commitments for 2022 than we did for 2021

Commitment packages are being mailed this week. Please take time to read the materials, pray about the level of financial commitment God wants you to make to Emmanuel in 2022, and return the Commitment Card by mail or submit an online form. We ask all confirmed members or couples to submit a commitment for 2022.

You can go to our website to submit their commitments online as well! Last week, we received five “early bird” online commitments. Combined, those members increased their commitments by $118/week! And one was a new commitment! Thank you to our “early birds” for getting our 2022 Commitment off to a great start!

Even more exciting is that we have a special challenge gift. For every new commitment received for 2022, an anonymous donor will contribute $100 to the Church. If we receive 35 new commitments, the Church will receive an additional $3,500 for our ministries. So, please make your gifts to Emmanuel go farther by submitting your online commitment form today.

Not only do all gifts matter and make a difference, so do all commitments.