Children Are The Church

Not Just the Future

Children are the church

Not Just the Future

As Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” Matthew 19:14.

At Emmanuel, you’ll find age-appropriate Christian education during our Faith Formation hour as well as many opportunities for your children to grow in faith and service at Emmanuel.

And you’ll feel good knowing dedicated volunteers—educators and inspirational professionals among them—are helping your children have lots of fun too on their faith journeys in our safe and caring community. Your elementary-aged children have a home—and a role—at Emmanuel.

At Home Resources for Children

Access various resources for children to utilize during this time at home including Sunday School videos, crafts and online stories.

Children Are

Welcome in worship

We invite all children to participate in our Sunday morning worship services no matter their age.

  • A short children’s sermon helps them understand how the Gospel and Jesus’ teachings shapes their faith and every day lives
  • Children from ages 3 through 5th grade are invited to Children’s Chapel during the Pastors sermon for a hands-on exploration of the message and then return to service during the hymn before Communion
  • If needed, children under five years old are welcome in the staffed nursery on Sunday mornings
  • Every Sunday during the school year at 9:45 am, children are invited to a dedicated hour of Faith Formation in age-specific classes

Faith Formation hour

If you’re looking for the right balance of hands-on learning, discussion, and play with a purpose as your children grow in Christ, Emmanuel is the place for them. Our Faith Formation classes serve children where they are in their faith journey and their development level—grades K through 5th.

Each class works towards an age-appropriate milestone throughout the year which encourages parents or guardians and children to spend time together growing in faith. Throughout the year, various milestone workshops are offered as outlined below.


Registration for 2020-2021 School Year is Now Open!

Faith Formation Milestones

Your children—and you—can participate in activities throughout the year and families can participate with their child during the Faith Formation hour at 9:45 am on Sunday mornings.

Children Three and Four years Old– Prayer and devotions is the focus for this age group and there is a take home bag for everyone!

Kindergarten and 1st Grade– Children will celebrate their baptisms, share items from this special day, and do activities together focused on baptism.

2nd Grade– Pastor leads Holy Communion instruction classes during the month of February for parents/guardians and their child. All are welcome to the Lord’s table.

3rd Grade– Families are invited to attend 5-6 weeks of “Used Bible” class where they learn all about the Bible through activities. There is a Bible blessing on Reformation Sunday in late October during which children receive their bibles.

4th Grade– Families learn about the Ten Commandments in this 4-week interactive workshop.

5th Grade– Four weeks focused on the Apostles Creed. A statement of belief.

6th to 9th Grade– Parents are invited to join in the Confirmation classes with their teen every week in the fellowship hall.

High School– Blessing of drivers and graduates during worship.

Cross Generational– Backpack blessings prior to the beginning of school.


Children are involved in God's work

We encourage your child’s participation alongside you as we praise God in worship and serve others. You’ll see children of all ages in many of our activities. We also plan special activities just for children, so their attention span and skills are addressed.

Opportunities for older kids and youth

Confirmation classes help provide a space for children 6th– 9th grade to ask deep questions, struggle with their faith, and build relationships with other youth going through the same life events.

Once confirmed, students are invited to the high school youth program to continue developing their faith. The high school youth get together on Sunday nights at 7:00 pm.